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As specialists in restoration and conservation of traditional glazing, J.M. Glass regularly undertake work involving the restoration of stained glass panels. We can transform old glazing panels with varying levels of deterioration and damage, returning them to their former glory.

As well as giving existing panels a new lease of life, J.M. Glass undertake bespoke commissions. With hundreds of different coloured and textured glass types available, we can create bespoke, hand-crafted decorative panels. When undertaking commissions, we like our clients to be really involved with the design process, and invite them to our workshop to view our collection of coloured glass samples and design ideas to discuss what they want before we proceed to making. It is also possible to encapsulate stained glass panels within double glazing. Meaning the beauty of stained glass can be incorporated into any home, while still complying with modern day building regulations.

If you are thinking about commissioning a stained glass panel for your home, check out our Pinterest boards. We’ve collected a range of images of different styles of stained glass which are a great starting point for some inspiration.

Decorative Stained Glass