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Holy Trinity, Salway Ash

In Spring 2015, JM Glass undertook work required on the West window at Holy Trinity Church in Salwayash.

Deterioration of the lead light cement over the years had led to water penetration and weakening of the panels. The leaded glazing panels needed to be removed from the stone window so that they could be carefully dismantled before being fully re-leaded.

Rubbings were taken of each individual panel, and each piece of glass was marked and identified to ensure the panels were re-assembled as they were originally made. Where needed, a close matching glass was used to replace any broken glass panes. The panels were then re-assembled using new lead. After cementing and firming up, the lead was darkened to give the panels a subtle and aged appearance.

All glazing was then fitted back into the stone window, looking as good as it did back in 1890 when the building of the Church was finished.